MAY 31st to JUNE 2nd 2024

The Birley Centre, Eastbourne

Patron:   Graham Johnson OBE

Congratulations to all applicants who have been offered a place in the inaugural 

Eastbourne International Singing Competition


APPLICATION FEES are due as soon as possible and at the latest by MAY 15 th .

With many thanks and best wishes,

Chris Dixon

Founder and Director,

The Eastbourne International Singing Competition

The Devonshire Quarter with the BIrley Centre circled

A warm welcome to The Eastbourne International Singing Competition, a brand-new competition for classical singers aged 18-30.

Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, in your final year of A-levels or not currently studying, this competition is designed for you.

I feel very lucky to have discovered this wonderful venue through my singing

teaching and I am sure that you will enjoy performing here.

Participating in competitions has been an important and exciting part of my own singing training.  I hope that I have used my experience to create an event which will be enjoyable, rewarding and professionally helpful to all participating singers and pianists.

You are most welcome to apply to the inaugural Eastbourne International Singing Competition 2024. I very much hope to see you there.

With best wishes,

Christopher Dixon MA(Cantab), DipRAM